Sexuality in Childhood and Adolescence

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read the attached chapter 6 and write minimum 300 words summary and 100 words answer for each of the questions below

TOTAL = minimum 600 words

DO NOT USE OTHER SOURCES! only the attached

Chapter 6

Provide a short summary of the reading taking key points and highlighting them (approximately 1-2 pages)

Please also answer the following questions:

1) What did you learn about sexuality during childhood from parents, peers, the media, school, or religion? How were sexual curiosity and sex play treated? Each generation has a form of sexual play. For some it was “playing doctor.” List forms of sexual play from your childhood and examine how it has changed or not from the days of “playing doctor.” Consider how changes may reflect changes in societal attitudes or media influences. What were you taught about sexual pleasure if anything at all?

2) What did your parents do to encourage or restrain your sexual activities during junior high school, high school, and college (if anything)? How did your parents’ actions differ during each particular period? Do you think that your parental rules differed depending on whether you are female or male?

3) What did you learn about sexuality in their sex education courses in school? Should sex education teach abstinence and the use of condoms to prevent pregnancy and STDs/HIV or only abstinence? Should sex education be expanded beyond pregnancy and disease prevention to include discussions of sexual pleasure? What should be taught about homosexuality?

No outside source

Textbook: Human Sexuality: Diversity in Contemporary America (8th edition). William Yarber, Barbara Syad, Bryan Strong (2012)


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