This discussion addresses Module Outcome 1. In this discussion you will explore a key sociological concept, the Sociological Imagination [Video, 4:24 mins]. Be sure to watch this video and read the material related to this key concept, introduced by C. Wright Mills. It is important for understanding how society works. C. Wright Mills argued that the sociological imagination “requires us to understand the intersection between biography and history” (Ferris and Stein, 2016, p.17). In other words, you need to be able to see how an individual’s personal biography is influenced by the social world, and how these biographies influence the way(s) that people interact with the social world. While there are shared social experiences within a culture, such as the type of political system you live in, you also have unique experiences that contribute to your social experiences.Before beginning this activity, be sure to read the Module Notes and the assigned readings and viewings. Use as much detail from the readings and other learning materials in the module as possible to answer the following questions.Examine one element of your personal biography and discuss how it has been shaped by your social experiences and/or how it has shaped your social interactions.Discuss how your example reflects the history of the society that you live in (for example, changes in laws or social expectations).Does applying the sociological perspective to this experience change your understanding of your experience? Why or why not?Your initial post should be at least 250 words and must substantively integrate the assigned readings with proper APA style formatting.

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