Speech part one and part two. This is a speech with powerpoint

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Part one speech

Prepare 10-15 slides as a slidedeck you will use for your final speech. Think of these slides as assisting in your delivery and not something that would be printed and passed around the office. One slide may be the title of your presentation and the last slide may be the credits/sources.

  • Think about how the colors will aid or distract and create a tone to your speech.
  • Think about how you can limit text and provide insightful imagery.
  • Think about what you need to show and what you can say in your speech.
  • Think about the ordering of the slides and how you will organize main points.
  • Think about how to get the information to stick in someone’s memory.
  • Part 2 speech.

Persuasive speech


This speech will be between 6- 8 minutes (give or take 15 seconds) including set up time. Have your powerpoint ready to share.

This speech asks you to create a convincing argument in response to the following hypothetical.


The federal government has a 10million dollar surplus for 2020. They have invited several constituents to come down and speak on the congress floor to make an argument for how that funding should be spent. They have chosen you as one of those constituents to come speak. You will be given no more than 8 minutes to make your case.

A few requirements:

  • You must have a personal example, narrative or connection to your cause – Build that credibility
  • You must interact with your audience at least once (aside from any attention getters) during the presentation.
  • You must create an argument that unites a divided audience on the issue by finding common ground, research, and authority.


  • For this speech you will build an argument to fund your passion project or cause.
  • Compose an effective thesis statement, support thesis with 3 main points, introduce and conclude the speech effectively.
  • Utilize effective transitions and organize the speech in an appropriate and coherent pattern.
  • Effectively support points using appropriate support materials.
  • Research and correctly document sources used in developing the speech.
  • Implement persuasive strategies specifically tailored to your audience.
  • Develop strong ethos and trust between you, the topic, and the audience.
  • A PowerPoint will accompany this presentation


  • Determine an appropriate organizational pattern and insert appropriate transitions.
  • Determine 3 appropriate points, with subpoints if needed.
  • Support points using research. You must use at least two different types of support (for example, statistics, examples, quotes), and you must reference at least 3 sources of the information for this support.
  • Develop an effective introduction and conclusion. Be sure to include all required elements.
  • Use at least one motivational appeals in an effective way.
  • Outline your speech. A bibliography or works cited page must accompany your outline. You must reference at least three sources.
  • Delivery will be extemporaneous.
  • A PowerPoint will accompany this presentation


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