Sphe405 Final Assignment

Assignment Instructions

Title: Final Paper
Due Date: End of week 8

Your required to create a tri-fold informational brochure about an injury of your choice. This brochure should be informational and geared towards understanding a common injury in a sport, and the immediate treatment of the injury. Identify the anatomy and resulting damage, mechanism of injury, initial first aid response to the injury, and treatment of this injury. You should also include what are the recommended return to play criteria. You may also include: key information, educating about your injury, as well as resources for more information. This brochure should be able to be used to educate coaches on the action plan and parents about their child’s injury. Graphics are suggested. (The best and easiest program to use to create a brochure is Microsoft Publisher–the second best is Powerpoint. Use the internet to find examples and/or templates. Do NOT simply put words and pictures on a piece of paper. Also think about how the brochure will be folded to ensure the title panel is on the front and the references are on the center back.) Please include on the brochure center back panel a Bibliography (at least 3 references). Submit the final product as a PDF document.

Category Points
Anatomy of the injury 15
Clear first response 25
Treatment of this injury 25
Criteria to return to play 10
Graphics 10
Spelling, grammar, syntax, clarity 5
Organization 5
Citations 5

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