SPSSAssignment Part 1 InstructionsThe Center forEpidemiologi

SPSSAssignment Part 1 InstructionsThe Center forEpidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (CES-D Scale)In the Assignment Instructions folder, there is an SPSS data filethat will be the basis for your analysis. The data included are fictional andwere created solely for this assignment.The Center forEpidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (CES-D scale) is often utilized tomeasure depressive symptomology (Radloff, 1977). It is a self-assessment thatis completed by the individual. The CES-D contains 20-items rated on a 4-pointscale (0 = Rarely or None of the Timeto 3 = Most or All of the Time). Thephrase “Within the past week did you…” prefaces the questions in order toemphasize recent depressive mood. Scores are summed and can range from 0 to 60.Traditionally, individuals with scores over 16 are identified as “depressed”(Weissman, et al., 1977), though due to high false positive rates, a score of27 is considered a more useful cut-off (Zich, et al., 1990). The full scale canbe accessed at: http://www.chcr.brown.edu/pcoc/cesdscale.pdf. Items 4, 8,12, and 16 are reversed to avoid “yay-saying” or “nay saying” (Radloff, 1977). Severalstudies have validated four subscales across a variety of subgroups (i.e.,depressive affect, well-being, somatic, and interpersonal) (Gliem & Gliem,2003).DemographicsYouwill learn how to go from raw demographic data in SPSS to describing a sample.Forthis assignment, you will:Createa table showing the most appropriate descriptive statistics for three (3) ofthe demographic variables. You will be graded on the appropriateness of thedescriptive statistics and graphs for each of the demographic variables as wellas current APA format for your tables.Createthe most appropriate graphs for the three variables you used for #1 above.Figure captions should be in APA format.Writea summary paragraph describing the sample. For example: “The sample was basedon xxx# of college students from a private university in the southeasternUnited States. X% of the students were males, x% females. Students were primarily…(give the appropriate descriptor information with %’s or whatever fits thevariables you choose to analyze).

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