State of the US economy

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The extreme swings in the US and world economy, in the past couple of months, are historic and much will be written in textbooks about it. We went from a record low unemployment of under 4%, to about 15% and rising. The fall in the GDP is significant (some estimates are above 20%, while we were looking at a growth of 3%), and more relevant economic indicators are being released and analyzed.

Now that you have learned about how the economy works, what can be done by both fiscal and monetary policies, you are ready to give your opinion about the sate of the US economy and also other countries since this is a global crisis.

In your post of 300 words or less, address all the following points . In previous posts, you were asked to focus on one and expand, this time, you should give a macro approach and show how those topics work together. Think of how you would explain the current economic situation to a friend of better yet show your parents how much you have learned in this class.

– fiscal policy measures taken and their impact on UNEMPLOYMENT and DEFICIT

– what measures has the FED taken

– how does the concept of the MULTIPLIER relate to what is happening?

– What do you think needs to happen for the economy to revive?

As mentioned above, you could write books on each of those but you have a limit of 300 words. Once you cut and paste the information collected (and yes, please give a live link to articles that you used) you will need to formulate the post by:

– picking the most relevant and important information

– expressing it in your own words to show that you understand what you are posting

– organizing the post to avoid a fragmented document

– prior to posting you will submit your work to Turn it in


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