Static testing is a testingprocedure in which a software app

Static testing is a testingprocedure in which a software application is tested without code execution.Code developed for the software application will not be executed. And thisstatic testing is very valuable within organizations that adopt agile softwaredevelopment methodologies because it has two main parts Review and Staticanalysis. In first part Review, documents related to design, requirements,procedures, test cases and etc will be reviewed to eliminate errors. And in thesecond part Static analysis, the code developed will be tested withoutexecuting the code to detect structural defects which leads to affect theoverall efficiency of the application. According to ISTQB website the importantcharacteristics of agile software are “Other than software code, staticanalysis can also be carried out on things like, static analysis ofrequirements or static analysis of websites (for example, to assess for properuse of accessibility tags or the following of HTML standards). Static analysistools for code can help the developers to understand the structure of the code,and can also be used to enforce coding standards.”  Along with these Code structure, Code metricsand code standards are also some important characteristics of agile software.And the characteristics software application which has any structural defects,or any initial errors in design or requirements are examples which are notagile.Reference:· StaticTesting. (n.d.). Retrieved January 19, 2016, from·  Static Testing and Dynamic Testing –Difference Between These Two Important Testing Techniques. (n.d.). RetrievedJanuary 19, 2016, from

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