Statistic Practice

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Discussion Board Forum 2: The Importance of Statistical Literacy (Module/Week 7)

Preliminary Reading:Locate the article “The 7 Habits of Highly Numerate People” (Berdie, 2018) in the Reading and Study folder for Module 7. This article can also be found at the following link:

Thread Prompt: In an era of increasing access to, and dependence on, data, we as social science practitioners and consumers in general need to be able to understand and interpret statistics accurately. This concept is often referred to as “statistical literacy,” and this form of understanding is one of the aims of this course. Now that we are in Week 7 of the course, reflect on what you have learned so far and choose one of the seven “habits” mentioned by the author that you find particularly interesting. Answer the following prompts:

  • Why is it important for consumers in the general public to develop the habit you chose?
  • Given your current or intended career path, give one concrete example of how you think this habit could assist you in your work.
  • Statistical literacy is a form of discernment and understanding. Using at least one Biblical citation, build an argument for the importance of discernment and/or understanding when it comes to being a consumer or provider of statistics.

Citations: The main DB article and any other sources must be cited properly in APA format. Include both in-text citations and a reference section at the end of your post.


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