Steven collected data from 20 college students on theiremoti

Steven collected data from 20 college students on theiremotional responses to classical music. Students listened to two 30-second segments from “The Collection fromthe Best of Classical Music.”  Afterlistening to a segment, the students rated it on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1indicating that it “made them very sad” to 10 indicating that it “made themvery happy.” Steve computes the total scores from each student and created avariable called “hapsad.”  Steve thenconducts a one-sample t-test on the data, knowing that there is an establishedmean for the publication of others that have taken this test of 6.  The following are the scores:5.0  5.010.0  3.013.0  13.07.0  5.05.0  15.014.0  18.08.0  12.010.0  7.03.0  15.04.0  3.0a)  Conducta one-sample t-test.  What is the t-testscore?  What is the mean?  Was the test significant?  If it was significant at what P-value levelwas it significant?

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