Strategic Analysis

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Attached are the first five pages of the case. Will send the rest in a private forum.

The format is a typed document (12-point font, double-spaced text).

Each submitted analysis should be roughly two-to-three pages in length.

Creating a strategic analysis of a company’s situation will help you develop the skills to synthesize diverse information and so reason critically about potential solutions. Such skills are necessary for effective business management. The task is to create a written analysis containing the following three aspects:

  1. An identification of the company’s strategy, referencing course concepts (e.g. business-level strategy, five elements of strategy, international strategy)
  2. An explication of the strategic issues facing the company, derived from an analysis of the external environment and internal organization (i.e. SWOT analysis)
  3. A recommendation plan for dealing with the issues explicated (i.e. detailed options that weigh the benefits and costs of the proposal)


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