Strategy at Regal Marine D

1:Read the case study at the end of Chapter 2 of your text. D Also watch the video on “Strategy at Regal Marine”, which has been posted inside this folder. D You can download this video file to your hard drive and view from there. To play this video on your computer, you need to have Microsoft’s Windows Media Player or other video playing tool. Answer the following questions: 1. State Regal Marine’s mission statement in your own words 2. How would you define Regal’s competitive strategy 3. List and briefly explain five (out of 10) operations management decisions that would apply to Regal Marine. NOTE: Do not answer the case study discussion questions listed at the end of chapter 2 of your textbook. FORMATTING INSTRUCTIONS D Answer should be typed with 12 Time New Roman D Single line spacing D Your answer must not exceed 2 pages

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