Studying abroad in the US

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The research paper detailed below ask you to investigate a connection between your major and higher education. It asks you to investigate how your own major might view or investigate an issue in education .

Research a current issue in higher education from the perspective of a researcher in your own major or field of study. For example, a major in sociology might investigate how a certain educational policy could affect society. A psychology major could examine a particular role of counselors in academic institutions. A computer scientist might research how online tools are changing the face of education. A math major could look at the applications of big data to education. Business economics majors could examine whether the expense of higher education today is worth it. Political science majors could compare different higher education systems. An art major could look at the importance of art as part of the breadth requirements.


Your research may result in an argumentative essay depending on your topic, but it does not have to. Instead, you may focus on informing your reader about a relatively unknown aspect of the education debate and its significance. The goal of your essay is to inform your audience (your classmates) about one way that your field is connected to education or an educational issue that you choose to focus on.

This essay will require you to conduct library research and acknowledge sources using the MLA research format. It will also require you to go through the drafting process, including an instructor conference and peer reviews to gain feedback.

You will need to provide background information or context for the educational topic you have chosen. You will also need to present and integrate research on this topic and its connection to your field of study. You may include class readings among your sources. You will need to develop a thesis that is supportable with your research.

You must use a minimum of six sources by the final draft. The final draft will include a Works Cited and be submitted on An annotated bibliography will be submitted separately.

Page or Word Limits:

10 pages (3,000 words minimum), not including the works cited.

Draft 1 should be about 3-4 pages and include 2-3 sources. Draft 2 should be about 6-7 pages and include 4-5 sources. All drafts need to include a Works Cited.

My Research Proposal:

My major is Business Economic which under the social science department.

My topic will be: whether the higher education of studying aboard in the US today is worth it. This issue connect to my major because it is a study of economic. You need to examine if it worths to spend huge amount of money and time, leave your home and family far away, after all of these investment, what do you gain from studying abroad. Does these gaining equal to the investment.
This issue is important because studying abroad in the US is a huge trend in recent years.
Source: any source from anywhere. salary of people who have studied in US. survey to international student. percentage of employees in some good companies. +++++++Plus my own experience. I am a Chinese student who study in California US.


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