Summarize the paragraph in other words

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The last video talks about the negative disparities in the minority population and as well as gender biases for women during this COVID 19 pandemic. This video sums up the topics we have been learning in class and applies to current events such as the coronavirus crisis. This last lecture was very interesting to me because it helped me gain a better understanding of how sex roles and identity are far more detrimental for women than men. Even during this pandemic, it affects women much worse because of not being able to have access to reproductive health services, gender-based violence services, and gain in demands at home, their jobs, and families. I hope that we as women and men can take from this class the importance of gender equality and the need for societal change. It explores our own implicit gender biases and perspectives that can reflect our behaviors and attitudes towards certain topics. This class has helped me gain a greater understanding of myself as a woman and the impact of societal structures and organizations.

The racial and gender bias have impacted females in many ways throughout many generations. The last video is the summary for the whole class which we talked a lot about socialization. It is not a surprise that gender and racial bias are everywhere even in on own culture. The Covid 19 has a big economic impact on people, especially immigrants. The lecture gave one of the main issues during this pandemic is that it affects many restaurant workers, caretakers, cleaners, harvest workers, ect.. Plus, most of these workers are color people and undocumented immigrants who are in need of help from the government. Not to mention the healthcare service during this time which is overcrowded. In this class, there are so much issues about gender socialization that influence on female. It is even more issues that I acknowledge after watching this last lecture. Hate crime, racial, gender bias and stereotypes are some of many issues that we never really have the solutions for them. These issues are influencing our young generations around the world. If our young generations are not educated to find solutions to decrease and prevent them. These issues will keep going over and over again or they might get worse.

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