SWOT Analysis (Succession Planning) (~1500 words)

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An employee works in Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) requires to do full SWOT on succession planning and make comparison with other competitors within Oman like Occidental (OXY), British Petroleum (BP), and Orbic (OQ). Here are more details as below:


A suggestion: the “T-O” part of SWOT means looking outside at business context, not only external good practice: what are the external trends and issues which impact Succession Planning in PDO? Looking at external good practice is insufficient for informing a PDO-tailored succession planning parch, it also needs to consider specifically what is happening in e.g. Oman, Oil and Gas industry globally, MENA region, broader business and industrial trends such as digitalization, and contexts of organisations pursuing nationalization of staff (Omanisation).

My assumption is that SWOT analysis is on PDO practices in these areas, and may include looking at relevant Opportunities externally, including imitating/applying external good practice.


To complete the job task, the relevant activities should cover:

An understanding and application of the principles/guidelines and/or Codes of Practice that governs each process and the linkages to other processes and parts.

An understanding of the timing and roles played in each process such as the line, function, corporate process owner, HRBPs and SPMs.

An understanding of how all parts fit in the Talent Management framework, and their value in attracting, developing and retaining talent.

An understanding of how inputs from these areas contribute to the ‘talent health’ of the organization and organizational capability and development to meet future needs.

Familiarity of the technology and systems that enable the process.

Support of the process in the form of data gathering, data filtering and data reporting, working alongside a more experienced colleague and relevant SPMs/HRBP.


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