. –Taha, Exercise Set 2.2a, #9 Define decision variables,

. –Taha, Exercise Set 2.2a, #9: Define decision variables, objective function and constraints, and solve graphically9.) ChemLabs uses raw materials I and II to produce two domestic cleaning solutions, A and B. The dailyavailabilities of raw materials I andII are 150 and 145 units,respectively. One unit of solution A consumes .5 unit of raw materials I and .6 unit of raw material II, and one unit of solution B uses .5unit of raw material I and .4 unit ofmaterial II. The profits per unit of solutions A and B are $8 and $10,respectively. The daily demand for solution A lies between 30 and 150 units andthat for solution B between 40 and 200 units. Find optimal production amountsof A and B.–Taha,Exercise Set 2.4e, #4: Formulate the problem only. Define decision variables,objective function and constraints. You do NOT need to solve the problem;formulate only! 4.) A refinery manufacturers twogrades of jet fuel, F1 and F2, by blending four types of gasoline, A,B,C and D.Fuel F1 uses gasolines A,B,C and D in the ratio 1:1:2:4 and fuel F2 uses theratio 2:2:1:3. The supply limits for A,B,C and D are  1000,1200,900,and 1500 bbl/day ,respectivelythe cost per bbl for gasolines A,B,C,and D are $120, $90 , $100 and $150,respectively. Fuels F1 and F2 sell for $200 and $250 per bbl, respectively. Theminimum demand for F1 and F2 is 200 and 400 bbl/day, respectively. Develop anLP model to determine the optimal production mix for F1 and F2 and find thesolution using AMPL, Solver or TORA.

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