(TCO B) In 2015, a research food store in Dallas, Texas,deve

(TCO B) In 2015, a research food store in Dallas, Texas,developed a new type of organic food called Greatstuff that providedlow fat, good taste, low calorie content, and was quickly found toprovide a number of health type benefits. The demand for the productskyrocketed, and retail sales in the Dallas area alone quickly began toexceed the supply. The Dallas store expanded their local production, andalso contracted with a similar facility in Beaumont, Texas, to producethe Greatstuff organic food. The reputation of the product continued toboom, and even though the production had increased by 1,000 per centover the initial supply, the retail demand kept the store shelves emptymost of the time.  A similar type organic food store out of Chicago approached the originalDallas store, and asked for the formula for Greatstuff, but the Texasowners declined. The supply and retail market continued to boom all overTexas. The owners of the organic food store in Chicago came to Dallas,bought some Greatstuff and took it back to their facility in Illinois,but were unable to get it to produce. Through some politicalconnections, a number of members of Congress found out about Greatstuff,and applying the Commerce Clause succeeded in passing legislation thatwas signed by the president to: 1) place a special federal sales tax onGreatstuff, and 2) require the formula for production to be made public.The Dallas developer of Greatstuff sued in federal court in Dallas,contending that Greatstuff had nothing to do with Interstate Commerceand was not subject to the Commerce Clause.  You (student) should assume the role of an attorney representing theDallas Organic Food Store in contending that the production and sale ofGreatstuff is not subject to the federal legislation generated under theCommerce Clause. As the attorney for Dallas Organic Food Store, whatwould you argue to support your client’s position that the productionand sale of Greatstuff is not subject to Federal regulation? Be specificabout why Federal law does not apply and why

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