Texas Presbyterian nurse Briana Aguirre who treated Ebola st

Texas Presbyterian nurse Briana Aguirre who treated Ebola stricken colleaguesannounced publicly that her protective outfit had rips, as well as gaps in it –exposing body parts to the potentially deadly Ebola virus. She claimed thathospital administration ignored her concerns when she brought it to theirattention, and she was given no Ebola training. Briana Aguirre has receivedpraise from colleagues and the media for going public with this information, aswell as harsh criticism for being a “whistleblower” from other colleagues andthe media. In your opinion, did Briana Aguirre act ethically or unethically ingoing public with this information? Should she be fired from the TexasPresbyterian hospital? Support or challenge Briana Aguirre’s decision to gopublic with this information.

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