The Ethics of AI Discussion

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Read the following introduction and answer the questions. Then reply to 2 of your classmates’ answers with value-added replies (e.g., not just “I agree”):

Hello everyone, my name is Ran Chen, for this discussion, I will discuss about The Ethics of AI (Artificial Intelligent).

Artificial Intelligent is a part of study about computer science. In 1956 the Dartmouth Meeting first time officially mentioned about Artificial Intelligent. However, what is AI? I think most computer science students are pretty familiar with a test which is called “The Turing Test”. This is a test that it is published in 1950 by Alan Turing to determine whether the machine have intelligent or not. Just in case if some of you guys do not know about test, we need to two testers, one is real human and another one is a machine. If the judge cannot distinguish which answer is returned by human that means this machine have intelligent. As the time goes by the AI is becoming more and more advanced. At present, the AI is becoming more popular that many countries are putting a lot of effort to study and get their goal of the research about AI. In the ethic view of AI, I think the rising technology of AI is a double-edge sword that some AI are replacing the human in work place. And most job and workers are easily been replaced before the AI gets intelligent. For example, a lot of manufacture companies and factories are using the robot without a single person inside of the factory to monitor the robots. And this kind of phenomenon make some controversial ethic topic about AI. The attached link (Links to an external site.) is a speech that present by Senior Fellow Genevieve Bell Who is an anthropologist, but she Spend 25 years at Silicon valley, and she briefly discuss about the what kind of issues and challenge we are facing to the AI.

Using her quote “What matter is what you make.” I encourage you guys to watch the follow question before watching the video about the speech, so that you can get some idea about the question and answer them with your own thought.

  1. Will those AI or cyber-physical system be autonomous? How to create autonomous grammar? Do you think the Autonomous need consciousness?
  2. Who is going to set the limits and controls on these AI and cyber-physical systems? Should we have rights to override the system when we have the system, such as autonomous vehicle?
  3. Choose at least three of these factors that you think it’s most important for improving the AI and Cyber-physical System and explain. (Risk, Liability, Trust, Privacy, Assurance, Ethics, Management, Explicability, Ease of use.)
  4. How we measure AI and cyber-physical systems are good system or not? Is it depend on efficiency, safety or something else?
  5. How we going to interact with AI in the future?


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