the goal of this assignment is toprovide opportunities for y

the goal of this assignment is toprovide opportunities for you to learn about other countries while alsoimproving your written and oral communication skills. this is intended to prepare youfor the challenges of their chosen professions in business, government,non-profits, and academics. having an understanding of business etiquette inamerica is essential for anyone seeking a career in business. having an understanding of businessetiquette in other countries gives a competitive advantage which is essentialin macroeconomics.
 your company has a product that it isinterested in marketing in a foreign country. conduct internet research on a countryof your choice to learn about etiquette, customs, and protocol for the chosencountry. summarize your findings in a 1–2 page report that your colleagues andmanagement would find beneficial. in addition, enclose a memo thatincludes at least 5 etiquette tips unique to the selected country. use completesentences. be sure to paraphrase the information collected and use appropriatecitations. also discuss how knowing about global business etiquette practiceswould be beneficial for topics in macroeconomics.

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