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The goes with the worksheetUniversity of Phoenix MaterialCorrections ScenarioEthical Issue: CorrectionsThehusband eventually is convicted of driving while under the influencefollowing a jury trial. It turns out to be his third conviction. A judgeorders that a presentence investigation report be prepared.  Inthe course of the investigation, the probation officer discovers thatthe husband had served in the U.S. military in Somalia. His militaryrecords indicate that while there, his duties involved collecting thedead and the injured to be taken to the hospital. In the course of thisassignment, he was captured by enemy soldiers and placed into a blackmetal box the size of a coffin where he remained for the better part of 6weeks.  Medical and psychiatric records confirm that thehusband suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and has regressed tothe level of a 10-year-old because of his imprisonment in Somalia. Inthe opinion of his treating psychiatrists, any prolonged confinement,even for a few hours, could cause even further regression and couldtrigger explosive outbursts and traumatic flashbacks.Althoughthe sentencing range for this offense could fall anywhere between zeroto 365 days in jail, the standard sentence for a third time offenseusually begins at a minimum of 90 days in custody. His prior convictionsoccurred before his military service in Somalia and he served a totalof 60 days custody on those, without incident.  This is the group assignment l have the my name by mineHello team A,  Looks like we need to decide who is doing what bullet for this assignment. Locate three contemporary examples in each of the four following categories, for a total of 12 examples:Good Samaritan conduct or random acts of kindness TerrishaActs of vigilantism–violating the law to enforce the lawActs of civil disobedience–violating the law to change the law-RoseCriminalacts committed by professionals in the course of their employment,other than criminal justice professionals, in which the defendant wasbelieved to have violated the ethical standards of his or her professionAssemble the 12 examples according to the category and in a visually appealing manner. For each example, include the following:A summary of the eventA graphic illustration, photo, or other visual item related to the eventOne properly APA-formatted referenceNote. Consider including an introduction and conclusion to introduce your examples and summarize your work.cja324r3_ethical_worksheet.doc

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