The grocery store, Wow Munchies, is considering developing

The grocery store, Wow Munchies, is considering developing an online site for customers to purchase food. The owner of the store believes that this capability will enable the store to grab market share from nearby Fast Food Co., which has a Web site and delivers food to the customer. This site will allow customers to purchase any item that is currently in stock in the store. The store will not deliver the food, but will have the food bagged and ready for pickup at the time designated by the customer. Wow Munchies has a single storefront.a. Conduct an operational feasibility study. Do you think the Web site will enable Wow Munchies to gain market share, as is its purpose? What factors will affect the operational success of this site?b. Conduct a technical feasibility study. What would you recommend the company use in the creation and maintenance of their site ( e. g. languages, specific host, encryption)? Why does your choice affect the feasibility of said site?

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