The papers/topics are already written by my peers. They just need adjusted into one assignment I will attach the papers

Directions: I will attach the MAIN case study first so that you can reference.

The group will write a10–15-page APA formatted paper (title page and references list do not count towards the 10–15 pages). Support the paper with peer reviewed articles and case law where applicable. You must have minimum of eight references. You may have an appendix that has samples of documents that support your positions or expands on the facts of the case.

The paper should discuss the following issues:

  • Liability issues
  • Parties involved and who should be sued
  • Defenses of the parties
  • Documents that the plaintiff’s side will ask for and how they will be used
  • Standards of care
  • Duty, breach, damages, and proximate cause
  • Insurance issues
  • Risk management issues before and after the incident
  • Documentation and mandatory reporting
  • Who should write the incident report and what should it say?

The doctrine of Respondeat Superior and how it would apply the issues surrounding informed consent Preparation for court of the parties

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