The practical importance of Technology

Need a 200 words response by 6/7/17.In our lifetimes, we have all noted how technology has driven revolutionary changes in practically all areas of human endeavor. Technology has not only changed our environment, but it has also changed how we interact, work and solve problems, and even how we think (Fox, 2012).Start quoteRecent technological innovations have revolutionized practically every aspect of human interaction (Watson & Straub, 2007).  Quantum improvements in electronic communications speed, digital storage, and processing underlie radical advances and significant fundamental change in commerce, communications, knowledge acquisition and dissemination, and interpersonal relationships.  In problem solving and organizational design, the question is no longer that of finding an appropriate fit for technology, but that of which technology provides the best fit. End quote (Chebib, 2015, p. 12).Additionally, technology drives the organizational success by providing strategic and operational support, and in many cases, a competitive advantage.What are some examples of effective technology driven organizations?References:Chebib, L. (2015). Transforming the digital textbook: A modified Delphi study (Doctoral dissertation, University of Phoenix).Fox, Z. (2012). Google brain: Are we losing our memory to the search giant? Retrieved from, R. T., & Straub, D. W. (2007). Future IS research in net-enabled organizations. ACM SIGMIS Database, 38(3), 8-19.

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