The purpose of the Editorial Project is to persuade your reader. It’s about voicing your own opinion and making suggestions for further progress with a topic of your choosing

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The purpose of the Editorial Project is to persuade your reader. It’s about voicing your own opinion and making suggestions for further progress with a topic of your choosing. An editorial should generally influence public opinion, promote critical thinking, and if written well, may even lead people to take action on an issue. Overall, you want to have something unique to say about the subject matter. Strong editorials tend to be rooted in some level of insider knowledge, or, in other words, a firsthand experience that you can effectively use to persuade. You want to bring a unique perspective to the table which catches the reader’s attention and really makes them think. We’ll look at some examples in the coming days. The biggest thing to remember here will be the distinction between argumentation and persuasion. Here your goal is to persuade. That means actually getting your audience to side with your views whereas argumentation has to do with getting your audience to recognize the merit of your views. It’s a fine line, but one ends with action while the other ends with thought alone.

Content Requirements:

  • Your name, section number, page numbers, and a creative title
  • Between 800-1,100 words (double spaced)
  • Be concise. There’s a lot to do in a smaller space. Having a quick and developed argument is what makes a strong editorial. Drawn out introductions can hurt your level of effectiveness.
  • A clear and focused topic
  • An awareness for and recognition of your opposition/the common views on the subject matter
  • A direct refutation of your opposition’s beliefs
  • Use quick, credible counterarguments
  • Original/unique reasons and analogies in support of your position
  • Use Logos, Ethos, and Pathos (as the samples will show, though, a proper balance is necessary). Remember those? If not then here is a quick Youtube video to refresh you:
  • A conclusion where you provide possible solutions to the problem
  • An MLA formatted Works Cited page where you cite any facts, numbers, research, etc. (also be sure to provide in-text citations)
  • Minimum of 2 outside sources
  • This is not included in the minimum/maximum word count
  • Consult your Easy Writer textbook with format questions
  • An additional page for reflection where you answer the following questions (Each question should be answered with at least a brief paragraph of 6-7 sentences to earn full credit):
  • What do you consider to be the greatest strength of this project? Why?
  • If you had two more days to work on this project what would you add? How would that strengthen the piece?
  • What was your biggest trouble spot with this assignment? How have you tried to overcome it?
  • Resources:

    For further information on the editorial you may also consult your Joining Academic Conversations textbook. See pgs. 81-92


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