the word is( poor)the poem should begin with&nbspWhen you hea

the word is( poor)the poem should begin with: ‘When you hear the word _________ (for example: ghetto, thug, poor, stuck-up, black, etc.), you think’: and then go into lots of description about what the stereotype of what that word is until you get to, ‘What you don’t know is that ____________ is’, and then write about what is really going on behind the scene of word. This will make up the first 7-8 lines of your poem (first stanza). Then, you will skip two lines and your second stanza will be a personfication of your word. If _____________ (for example: ghetto, thug, poor, stuck-up, black, etc) walked into a room, what would it look like, sound like, be wearing, etc. This part will make up the next 7-8 lines of your poem.You will skip another two lines, and the last stanza of your poem will be your extended metaphor. Having your word in mind, you will start with the sentence: My ________________ (abstract noun such as happiness, anger, confusion, jealousy, etc.) is a _____________________ (concrete noun such as rock, cloud, door, wall, etc). Then you will use description to explain your metaphor more in depth; paint a picture of why your feeling is that concrete noun. Remember that all of this should tie into that first word you chose. This last stanza should be 5-7 lines.This poem needs a refrain or chorus, so you will repeat one line from the first stanza in your second and third stanz

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