Theoretical Foundation in Nursing

Theoretical Foundation in Nursing

Theoretical Foundation in Nursing;Cesaria Tan – First Filipino nurse who had Masters Degree in Nursing in the United States. Annie Sand – Founded the National League of Philippine Government Nurses. Socorro Diaz – First editor of The Message the first journal of Philippine Nurses Association Dr. Julita Sotejo – Considered as Florence Nightingale of the Philippines; Founder of the University of the Philippines College of nursing; Author of Code of Ethics (PRC BON Res No. 633,1982) Anastacia Giron Tupaz – Founder of the Filipino Nurses Association at present known as PNA. Rosario Montemayor Delgado – First President of the FNA; She was a graduate of the Philippine General Hospital School of Nursing.

THEORETICAL CONCEPT OR DIFFERENT CONTEMPORARY THEORIST Florence Nightingale- Environmental Theory Virginia Henderson Definition of Nursing Martha Rogers Unitary Human Being Sis Callista Roy Adaptation Model Dorothea Orem Self Care Theory Imogene King Goal Attainment theory Betty Neuman Health Care System Model Dorothy Johnson Behavioral System Model Sigmund Freud Psychoanalytic Theory Erik Erikson Theory of Personality Development Lawrence Kohlberg Moral Development Theory Jean Piaget Cognitive Development Madeleine Leininger Transcultural Theory Hildegard Peplau Interpersonal Relation in Nursing Ida Jean Orlando Nursing Process Theory Jean Watson Theory of Human Caring Myra Estrin Levine Conversation Model Lydia Hall Core, Care, Cure Theory in Nursing Faye Abdellah Concept of Nursing Diagnosis.

PROFESSIONAL ROLES OF NURSES Caregiver provide care and comfort for persons together with preserving the dignity of human being. Communicator Communication facilitates understanding and collaboration of nursing action with their clients and other members of the health team. Teacher nurses help the clients learn the state of their well-being and the therapies that will be done to alleviate their conditions. Counselor help the clients to cope with stress brought about their health condition. Client Advocate promoting what is best for the patient, ensuring that his needs are met and protecting his rights. Change Advocate as a change agent, the nurse can identify the problem, assesses clients motivation and capacities for change and others. Leader process of influencing helps the client in making decisions to establish and achieve their goals towards alleviating their conditions. Manager involves planning, giving direction, developing staff, monitoring operations, giving rewards fairly, and representing both staff members and administration as needed. Researcher investigative role of nurses which further improves the nursing practice.

EXPANDED ROLE OF NURSES Nurse Generalist Nurse Clinician Nurse Practitioner Nurse Specialist.

SCOPE OF THEORIES AND ANALYSIS THEORIES – known to have a relative system of idea that is intended to explain a given phenomena or fact.

NURSING THEORIES reflects to particular views of person, health, environment, nursing and other concepts that contribute to the development of a body of knowledge specific to nursing concern.3 CATEGORIES RELATED TO SCOPE OF THEORY 1. GRAND THEORIES are simply known to speak about a broad range of important relationship among concept and discipline. A example of grand theory Orems Self-care theory of nursing and Neuman Systems Model theory. 2. Middle-Range Theories are the least abstract level of theoretical knowledge because they include details specific to nursing practice. 3. Micro-range theories known to be the most concrete and narrow in scope.

DIFFERENT WAYS IN ANALYSING AND EVALUATING NSG THEORY Clarity Simplicity Generality Empirical precision Derivable consequences.NURSING THEORIST FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE The matriarch of modern nursing born on May 12, 1820 in Florence, Italy. Lives in Derbyshire(orig. home) and Hampshire (Embley Park) in London. In 1851 she complete her…


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