This assignment re-introduces you to the framework of21st Ce

This assignment re-introduces you to the framework of21st Century Skills that you will consider each week as you work toredesign prior coursework for your ePortfolio. Note that a similarformat is followed for each of the assignments in this course. You willupload this assignment to the course for evaluation and to your ePortfolio (Pathbrite).Specifically, after reviewing the Framework for 21st century learning,you will redesign or modify a prior assignment from one of your coursesin the MAED program that represents your mastery of the MAED programlearning outcomes 1, 2, and 3. An assignment you may want to redesigncould be in the form of a lesson plan or teaching unit you previouslycreated for a course. Your redesign of the assignment must show arepresentation of 21st-century learning through incorporation of studentoutcomes and support systems, which are defined as follows:Student Outcomes: Learning andInnovations Skills (critical thinking, communication, collaboration, andcreativity), Core Subjects 3Rs and 21st Century Themes, Information,Media, and Technology Skills, Life and Career Skills.Support Systems: Standards and assessments, curriculum and instruction, professional development, learning environments. When selecting an assignment to redesign, think about how the assignmentshould consider the diverse strengths, differences, cultures, andcommunities of students while offering a safe, collaborative, engaging,and inclusive learning environment. If you do not have previous work to use for this assignment, please contact your instructor for guidelines on how to proceed. As needed, refer to the MAED program learning outcomes (PLOs) list. Create your assignment to meet the content and written communication expectations noted below.Content ExpectationsThe Redesign expectations explain what you are required to do with theprior coursework you choose to redesign. The Summary expectations arefor the separate written portion of this assignment. Redesign – Outcomes (2 Points): Redesign of thelesson plan or teaching unit includes at least one component of thefollowing 21st Century Student Outcomes: Core Subjects and 21st CenturyThemes, Learning and Innovation Skills, Information, Media, andTechnology Skills, and Life and Career Skills.Redesign – Support Systems (1 Point): Redesign ofthe lesson plan or teaching unit includes at least one component of thefollowing 21st Century Support Systems: 21st Century Standards,Assessment for 21st Century Skills, 21st Century Curriculum andInstruction, and 21st Century Learning Environments.Summary – Introduction/Conclusion (1 Point): Aone paragraph introduction to the summary that concisely presents thescope and organization of the summary writing, as well as a oneparagraph conclusion that recaps your summary’s key points. Summary –Modification (1 Point): For each revision, summarize in a paragraph howyou revised the activity to address the components of 21st CenturyStudent Outcomes and 21st Century Support systems. Explicitly state howyour redesign assignment provides evidence of mastery of PLO’s 1, 2, and3.Summary– Reflection (1 Point): In one page, reflect on your experience withthe redesign in terms of challenges you encountered and how you overcamethose challenges, including any difficulties experienced in revising toaddress the components of 21st Century Student Outcomes and 21stCentury Support systems.Written Communication ExpectationsPage Requirement (.5 points): Two to four pages, not including title and references pages.APA Formatting (.5 points): Use APA formatting consistently throughout the assignment.Syntax and Mechanics (.5 points): Displaymeticulous comprehension and organization of syntax and mechanics suchas spelling and grammar. Source Requirement (.5 points): Reference threescholarly sources in addition to the course textbook. All sources on thereferences page need to be used and cited correctly within the body ofthe assignment.For information related to APA style, including samples and tutorials, please visit the Ashford Writing Center.

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