This is my first time using this so thank you in advance.Int

This is my first time using this so thank you in advance.Introduction:  Provide a general introduction tothe topic of theories of personality. Explain what you plan to cover anddescribe the direction your paper will take. Note: This section will notfeature a heading. Major Concepts  In this section, you will present the seven specific concepts identified fromthe seven models you think best apply to the study of personality in distinctsubheadings.  For each concept, identify the major personality model fromwhich the concept was taken as well as the theorist associated with thatmodel.  Each concept section should be approximately 3-4paragraphs. For week three, you need to complete two of the seventotal required by week five. Click here for an example of how to structure your discussion of each concept.PsychodynamicModel ConceptNeurobiologicalModel ConceptBehavioralModel ConceptCognitiveModel ConceptInterpersonal/relationalModel ConceptTraitModel ConceptSelf-PsychologyModel ConceptExcluded Concepts  In this section, present the concepts you have chosen to exclude in your theoryof personality development.  Reflect on the basic assumptions that definepersonality and identify three specific excluded concepts from any of thetheories studied in the course.  For each of the excluded concepts,provide a rationale explaining the various aspects of the concept that make itunsuitable for your use and compare and contrast it with the concepts you havechosen to include.  Each concept will be approximately 2-3paragraphs. In week three you need to flesh out the section forone of the three-all three are due in week five.The Differences between Healthy and Unhealthy PersonalitiesDescribe the basic differences between healthy and unhealthy personality, basedon the concepts that you have chosen to include and exclude from yourtheory.  This section will be approximately two to fourparagraphs. Start the draft in week three to be finalized in weekfive.The Roles of Heredity, the Environment, and EpigeneticsProvide your analysis of the roles heredity, the environment, and epigeneticsplay in the development of personality.  Discuss how heredity and theenvironment might affect personality disorders.  This section will beapproximately three to five paragraphs. Start the draft in weekthree to be finalized in week five. Assessment and Measurement of the TheoryThere is no requirement in week three for this-the section must be completed byweek five.Self-Reflection In this section of the paper, review the self-reflection you wrote in Week Oneof this class and describe how and in what ways your views have or have notchanged.  Analyze your Week One self-assessment using the concepts thatyou have included in your integrative theory and describe how your theoryexplains your personality.  This section will be approximately four to sixparagraphs. Start the draft in week three to be finalized in weekfive.Conclusion:  There is no requirement in week three forthis-the section must be completed by week five.Research a minimum of four of theeight scholarly sources related to these concepts in the Ashford UniversityLibrary to support your statements in the paper.  Popular websites andyour textbook may augment, but they will not count toward the minimum number ofsources needed for the paper.

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