This units Assignment has twoparts. First, you will be re

This unit’s Assignment has twoparts. First, you will be reading an article and responding to some questionsrelated to the reciprocal nature of the client-human services professionalrelationship. Secondly you will look at the Code of Ethics and identify anypotential ethical issues in the article. You will submit a 2–3 pagedouble-spaced paper which should include a cover sheet and references pagewhere you cite the article and the Code of Ethics. These are the only twosources you will need for this Assignment. If you choose to use additionalsources, you will need to cite them as well. The paper should be written in APAformat using Times New Roman, 12-point font. It should be no less than 500words and written in paragraph format. You will need to include in-textcitations and references. Part A: As a human service professional,your daily life is filled with people and relationships. These relationshipsare never one sided. As a matter of fact, the client-human servicesprofessional relationship is always a reciprocal one. Locate and read the followingarticle:Halstead, Richard W. (2000,January). From tragedy to triumph: counselor as companion on the hero’sjourney. Counseling & Values, 44(2), 100.After reading this article, reflecton the relationship between Steve and the counselor. Answer the followingquestions: 1. What are some of the things youbelieve that the counselor has learned from Steve? What are some of thecounselor’s behaviors that may change as a result of working with Steve? Do youthink that most people you come into contact with change you in some way?Explain.2. How has Steve changed as a result ofthis relationship? Has Steve benefited from this relationship? Why or why not? Part B:Ethics are defined as “a set ofmoral principles and perceptions about right versus wrong and the resultingphilosophy of conduct that is practiced by an individual, group, profession, orculture” (Barker, 2001, p. 159). In the field of human services you will beinteracting with individuals with a variety of needs within many systems. Dueto the span of diversity among individuals it is important for you to becomefamiliar with the ethical standards as set forth for human serviceprofessionals. The following Assignment will require you to find and discussthe importance of the ethical standards as developed by the NationalOrganization of Human Services (NOHS). A code of ethics is “an explicitstatement of the values, principles, and rules of a profession, regulating theconduct of its members” (Barker, 2001, p. 84).For this part of the Assignment,please complete the following:1. On the internet, locate the EthicalStandards for Human Service Professionals developed by the NationalOrganization of Human Services. 2. After finding the NationalOrganization of Human Services ethical standards website make sure to bookmarkthis site as you will continue to reference this website throughout yourstudies. 3. Based upon the article in Part A,identify one ethical issue that may lead you as a human service professional toreview the ethical standards and how you can resolve any ethical concerns. Whyare the National Organization of Human Service ethical standards important tofollow as you begin to work with individuals, families, groups, andcommunities? 4. Cite the National Organization ofHuman Services website and the Halstead article on your reference page.

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