This week quality is taken to another level of health facili

This week quality is taken to another level of health facility management. Many of the regulations in the environment enact policy and procedure changes by organizations in order to meet the standards or exceed them. Often these can be a moving target and change frequently requiring organizations to move appropriately or to see out on the horizon before the “suggestion” becomes policy. This week in discussion utilizing scholarly literature and timely information about health policies and quality indicators identify an over site body, regulatory agency, or another entity that is capturing and reporting on quality data locally, nationally, state level, or organizationally. Utilizing this groupCritically analyze their role in the changes a health facility and health care administrator must make in order to meet or exceed standards.What role has this organization already played in new regulations or formal oversight and what do we see coming in the future lobbying or recommendations to the government and / or health care community?How does the quality being measured associate with the current changes in the health care environment?Each student may only pick ONE regulatory or quality oversight group – please do not repeat so review other’s selections prior to posting. To assist your classmates label your discussion topic LAST NAME_ AGENCY / ORGANIZATION NAME

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