This week you will evaluate a hypothetical client scenario t

This week you will evaluate a hypothetical client scenario to complete a social history. There are two parts of this project. Complete the Social History Form found in DocSharing as the first part. Then, write a reflective analysis of the client’s needs including explanation of how referral success relates to relapse potential. This analysis should be at least 1200 words not including the social history. The analysis portion of the project should conform to APA format.This essay should include a copy of the completed social history and a reflective analysis of at least 1200 words not including the title and reference page. Please format according to the most current edition of the APA manual. You must demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard American English. Note: Standard American English is the common language of educated professionals and is understood by people across different geographical regions, educational backgrounds, and ethnic and racial associations.Client Scenario: MarekMarek is a 22-year-old male, Caucasian non-Hispanic male who is in residential treatment in your agency for a polysubstance use disorder. He began using alcohol when he was in high school and then experimented with ecstasy and marijuana. Once he graduated, he went to college and quickly dropped out after his first semester. He was arrested for underage drinking and possession of cocaine. His drug screen at admittance to the program was positive for cocaine and marijuana. He has never been diagnosed with a mental health disorder or serious medical condition. However, he has not seen a medical doctor in years. When examined by the agency’s doctors, he was found to be in good physical health despite being somewhat underweight.Click the Audio icon below to listen to the recording of his intake session. A transcript of the audio is available in the Script icon. Fill in the social history while you listen. Make a list of the ethical concerns that a case management professional would face while providing services to this client. Explain how you will keep your client’s information confidential. You will add that information in your reflection. Some of the information is already completed on your form; you will need to complete those areas that are blank. Then, write your reflections (about a paragraph apiece) in those areas. Add a copy of your completed form to your reflective analysis and submit as one paper.Each paper should include:A title pageThe paper body of the paperUse standard margins: 1′ on all sides.Use standard 12-point font size, Times New Roman or Arial.Use standard double-spacing: average of 22 lines per page, and between 20 and 24 lines per page.Use left-aligned text. Do not right-justify.A reference pageAssignment Script This is been so hard, you know. In high school, I was the man – you know, the oneeveryone was afraid of and looked up to at the same time. I loved it. I would walk downthe halls and everyone just knew, you know, not to mess with me. But, then, I guess Igot bored with school and all that stuff. I started hanging out with a bunch of guys whowere trouble – you know, no good. I still did my classwork and went to class most of thetime, but, I began to spend more time with them. By the time I graduated high school, Iwas probably drinking every day and smoking weed on the weekend. I even starteddoing “E” (you know, ecstasy), but not every weekend.Okay, so then, I went to college. That didn’t last very long though. I got busted at a partyfor drinking and possession of cocaine. I know that it was wrong, but I was so mad!Like, EVERYONE had something at that party, but they only took a couple of us in. Myprobation officer and judge are making me come to treatment here, so, you know, here Iam. Before I was arrested, I was drinking about a half case of beer a day and smokingcrack most days. For me, it was better to get some crack and smoke it till it was gone,but I did some crazy stuff to get it. I even considered prostituting to get money, but thenthis guy hired me to deliver his drugs for him. It was cool, I was making a lot of moneyand hardly doing anything for it — until I got busted!When I was younger, my dad was killed in a car accident. I think he was drunk orsomething; no one would say. My mom had to work hard to take care of my brother andme. He’s younger than me. I had to start working to help my mom and to save forcommunity college. It was hard on me. I think worst of all, teachers were always callingmy mom. They told her that I was difficult in class. When I was young, I used to get upand walk around a lot, like I couldn’t stop moving. Then, when I got older, I just couldn’tconcentrate on anything. I think that’s why I like smoking weed so much; it slows downmy thinking. But now, the stupid counselor here said that I can’t smoke weed anymore. Idon’t know how I’m going to think or do anything, really.I guess the only thing that I do well is math. I was, like, a whiz in school. My mathteachers hated me ‘cause I skipped all the time, BUT, I got all of the questions right ontheir tests. Whatever. Anyway, when I get outta here, I want to go back to college. Ithink that I can do it if I’m clean.Provided below is an example social history form filled outSocial History Comparisons.docx Below is the social history form that needs to be completed for part one of assignmentSocial History Form.docx Grading Criteria to be followedContentComplete the social history form completely. This includes full paragraph responses to all narrative summary areas. The narratives explain the information in each sub-section. The impression and referral areas are completed and are logical to the information in the rest of the social history format. The focus is on the identification of need and appropriate referrals.Contains no misunderstandingAddresses each of the following areas:1.   List and explain the ethical concerns of this case (related to case management).2.   Propose two strategies for keeping the client’s information confidential while making referrals.3.   List and prioritize three of the client’s case management needs.4. Describe two goals that a case manager and client might develop to begin service.5.   Reflect on the information collected on the form, then write an analysis of the client’s current barriers to treatment. Provide some specific suggestions as to how to reduce the barriers.WritingStructure: Paper includes a title page, introduction with thesis statement, conclusion, and in-text citations and reference page using APA style.Paper is appropriate in length (body of the paper should be 1200 words, not including the title page or reference page).Paper includes reference to the textbook and at least 2 other academic sources. Mechanics:Paper uses Standard American English including correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and complete sentences and paragraphs.Paper is free of typographical errors.Paper includes a highly developed viewpoint and purpose.Paper demonstrates superior organization; communication is highly ordered, logical and unified.

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