Threats to the Validity of a Regression Study reflection note

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1 page reflection note().

It will be a very simple essay for you who have already learned this before. It does not take a very long time to write this note.

What were the most important 1-2 new things you learnt from the lecture and/or

readings that you did not know before class? Describe one way in which what you

learnt connects to either a different subject/topic you are interested in, or a personal


2. What were 1-2 points discussed in lecture/readings that you are still confused/unclear

about and would like some further clarification on?

3. What topics/questions would you like to learn more about or discuss more based on

content covered in the lecture/readings?

Each student needs to submit their own reflection. We will use the Turnitin software to check for plagiarism and compare assignments.


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