Three Assignments in Business Communication. Read Chapter 12, Write 10 Observations, Comments(Word). 10 (PowerPoint) slides about Resumes and Interviewing Skills. Presentation Outline (Word).

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Assignment 1:

Read Chapter 12 from the textbook attached, Write 10 Observations, Comments and/or take-aways from Chapter 12

Assignment 2:

15-minute Presentation on Resumes and Interviewing skills (10 Slides). One slide at the end with references –APA format

• Be creative

•Spell check

•Use polished grammar

• Do not use lower case i’s (i)

• Format

• Attention to detail

• Content is correct

• You must use the textbook, Essentials of Business Communication

• Proper textbook reference on the last slide

Assignment 3:

Complete Outline that Supports Presentation. Set the goal of your presentation & introduction. Include bullet points Analyze your audience Plan your content End with a (strong conclusion). Outline format will be attached.


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