To answer each question with in 200 words.

I’m stuck on a Philosophy question and need an explanation.

1/ In your own words, explain what Du Bois meant by the concepts of “double consciousness” and “the Veil”. What do you think made him feel “an awful gladness” in his heart upon the death of his infant son? Would you have reason to feel the same if that happened to you? Why or why not? Finally, in The Lunch Date, the white woman has an interesting and somewhat ambiguous look on her face in the last scene. What was she thinking? Did the experience at the luncheon change her attitudes?…. use this video to answer. ( Philosophy class )

2/ Choose one of the four marks of the Church and discuss it in your own words. Why is this mark important for the Church to the present? How do the New Testament texts witness to this mark of the Church since its beginning? How does this mark of the Church cause you to reflect on your own life – family, work, relationships, etc.? Leave a question for your classmates about the Church in modern times.… this webbed can help to answer. ( Religion class)

2/ Choose one of the seven sacraments of the Catholic faith and unpack it in your own words. What role does this sacrament play in the life of the Church today? Have you had any experience with this sacrament? If so, can you share about it? How is this sacrament intended to shape human life and relationship with God? Finally, ask a question of the rest of the class related to the topic of sacramental theology.… this webbed can help to answer. (Religion class)


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