Topic: Myths of the American RevolutionRead Prof Carol Berkin’s article “Teachi

Topic: Myths of the American Revolution
Read Prof Carol Berkin’s article “Teaching the Revolution.” (See attachment)
Use specific examples from the source to address the following questions:
1. What myths about the American Revolution does Prof. Berkin expose in her article? Examine at least three of the myths and the arguments Prof. Berkin presents to debunk them. 
2. According to the essay, what group of people became loyalists? What group became revolutionaries, and why?
3. Does this article challenge in any way your previous understanding/knowledge of the American Revolution? Why, or why not? 
Format of the assignment:
On the top of the page, type: “Week 3-Reaction Paper.” Then type the first question, and then your answer right under it. Then, type the second question, and your answer under it. Your paper should be 12-font, single-spaced. You need to write a minimum of one page. There is no limit on maximum pages.
You need to use at least three specific examples per answer. Each topic sentence needs to be a mini-thesis statement, and the examples have to support it and be relevant to it. Use quotation marks when citing directly from the sources and include the author’s last name and page number in parenthesis next to the quotation. (This is an MLA style of citation.) You should be able to address the questions just using information from the provided readings. If you are consulting external sources, please provide a reference at the end of the paper. 
Type your paper in your text-editing program, save it on your computer, and upload your file. I will accept the following file formats: .doc, docx, .pdf

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Read Prof Carol Berkin’s article “Teachi appeared first on nursing writers.


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