(Trading options knowledge needed) &nbspI need to answer severa

(Trading options knowledge needed)  I need to answer several questions about trading we did in a simulation game for trading.I attached at the end the results from my account. And here are the questions that need to be answered:What was your overall gain/loss during the project?What was your strategy?How did the following affect your profits: ?Trading commissionsBid/Ask spread“Moneyness” of the option (how far in/out of the money)Time to expiration of the optionPrice of the underlying equityVolatility of the underlyingIf, instead of using options, you had used your capital to buy or sell short the underlying, would you have made a greater or lesser profit?20150928194242openpositions_9_28_2015.xls20150928194250transactionhistory.xls20150928194259accountbalances_.xls

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