Tribke Enterprisescollected the following data from its fina

Tribke Enterprisescollected the following data from its financial reports for 2012:Stockprice $18.37Inventorybalance $300,000Expenses (excluding COGS) $1,120,000Shares outstanding                                290,000Average issue price of shares                $5.00Gross margin %                                      40%Interestrate 8%TIE ratio                                                 8Inventoryturnover 12 xCurrentratio 1.5Quickratio .75Fixed assetturnover 1.5Complete the following abbreviated financial statements, and calculate pershare ratios indicated. (Hint: Start by subtracting the formula for the quickratio from that for the current ratio and equating that to the numericaldifference.)Set up an income statement that includes revenue, COGS, GM, EBIT, EBT, and EAT.Set up a balance sheet that includes Current assets, Fixed assets, Totalassets, current liabilities, long-term debt, Equity (paid in capital*, andretained earnings), total equity, and total liabilities & equity.

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