U.S. and Ancient Rome Venn Diagram and NotesRemember , you r

U.S. and Ancient Rome Venn Diagram and NotesRemember , you read:Let’s do a Web Quest for this lesson. We’ve spent a good bit of time learning about the government of ancient Rome and how that government laid the foundation for many modern-day governments including the United States.’The Roman Republic was like the U.S. government is today. We have three branches of government. Each shares a role in how the government works. We have a legislative, an executive and a judicial branch. The legislative branch writes the laws (legislates).The executive branch makes sure the laws are enforced. The judicial branch judges the laws and hears court cases. The Roman Republic called their three branches of government the Consuls, the Senate, and the Assembly. Each Roman branch worked together and became the foundation of the Roman Republic.’What are the three branches of government in the United States?Get ready for the Web Quest Task.

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