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This assignment helps you develop the skills to master the following program outcome:

  • Apply foundational knowledge and an understanding of business systems, processes, and technology within and across core disciplines.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively in a business environment.

Revisit the MBA6900 Course Alignment Map to review how all activities assist you in achieving your overall program outcomes.


In MBA6028, you submitted your proposal for the project you will complete during this course. In this assignment, you will submit a project summary to allow your MBA6900 instructor to become familiar with your capstone project and provide appropriate guidance.

Your project summary should be submitted in MS Word and include the following:

  • An introduction that details what your project is and why you chose it.
  • A brief, preliminary outline of your capstone project. That is, create a section heading in the project summary called “Outline” and in that section provide a bulleted list of the main sections that you plan to include in your actual capstone paper. They might include introduction, company background, SWOT, recommendations, conclusion, and, of course, various other sections in the middle.
  • A paragraph or two detailing what progress you have made on your project so far.
  • A project plan that briefly outlines what you intend to do each week to ensure timely completion of your capstone project.
  • A conclusion that wraps the summary up professionally.

Review the Capstone Project Summary Scoring Guide prior to submission to ensure you meet all evaluation criteria. You will be evaluated on how well you communicate your project plan; however, your instructor may also provide you feedback about the feasibility on your project plan and any potential barriers or challenges related to your project proposal.


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