Understanding Science

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To assess your ability to:

Explain exactly what science is.

Explain why learning about science is important.

Distinguish science from belief (feelings).


In this assignment, you will need to construct your own answers based on the key points, readings, and videos for Week 1.

Action Items

Review this week’s key points, readings, and videos.

In a Microsoft Word document (2 to 3 pages), write about the following in your own words:

Define science.

Discuss what distinguishes science from beliefs, faith, feelings, or guesswork. Illustrate with examples.

Explain why learning about science is important in general. Also explain the value of learning about science in your life. Be specific.

Prepare your assignment for submission:

Make sure to follow APA format, which requires in-text citations for all borrowed information as well as a list of references.

Submit your paper to Turnitin for review.

Review your Similarity Report from Turnitin and make appropriate changes to your paper.

Proofread your assignment carefully. Improper English grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, or spelling will result in some point deductions.


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