Understanding Service Oriented Architecture

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250 words total. 2 APA cited references and reference list. No Plagiarism!

1.When services are delivered in different projects in different locations there is a danger that service inventories will be comprised of incompatible and misaligned services, varying in both quality and completeness. How do we achieve design synchronicity?

For questions 2-5, 1200 words total. 3 APA cited reference and reference list. No Plagiarism!

2 Choose four of the primary design principles of SOA and explain how they differ from the goals of traditional software development.

3. Identify the stage of service oriented design that most affects the granularity of the services that compose the software solution. Explain your rationale and use research and your own experience to justify your argument.

4. Using a simple business problem as an example, identify and explain the characteristics of the software solution that would be favored with top-down design. How would these characteristics be different if the design methodology used the bottom-up approach instead? Explain which of these approaches would make the most sense for the chosen business problem. Explain which choice would make the most sense for the overall organization creating the solution.

5. Choose two types of granularity (from service, capability, or data) and analyze how each one would affect the reusability of a service if it was coarse or fine grained.





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