Unit 2 essay Analyzing the Guest Experience

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Assignment: Analyzing the Guest Experience

The following Course Outcome is assessed in this Assignment:

AB206-1: Examine the hotel guest experience.

Introduction: Part of delivering quality service depends on the hotel management developing procedures to meet the guest’s needs. Successful hotel managers in properly organized hotels provide high-quality guest services to their customers by creating positive moments-of-truth and exceeding the guest’s expectations.


Tyne Frebern is the General Manager of 10-year old hotel on Oahu, Hawaii. His hotel started out with 500 rooms, but has since grown to be a 3,000-room hotel. The site has become a major convention venue since it combines history (Pearl Harbor is next door) as well as a fabulous view. Additionally, with the growth of Seattle and Silicon Valley, it has become the place to get away for executive retreats and conventions.

The General Manager realizes there are problems with his organization, however. His hotel is currently organized based on the Figure 1.4 in your textbook in Chapter 1.

A hotel business guest arrives in the evening and wants his standard king room, but the hotel assigned him a single room. He then orders room service, and they arrive late with the wrong order. His shoes are not shined when left out, and when he goes to the gift shop they are out of water bottles.

What suggestions do you have for the general manager (GM) to turn this fiasco into a positive situation?

Checklist: Analyze the scenario and respond to the following questions in an essay:

  • Explain the initial steps the GM can take to lessen the severity of the issues.
  • Provide the departments that will be involved in the guest’s recovery and explain why.
  • Analyze Chapter 1 Figure 1.4 and the explanation on page 12 to suggest what his organizational problem is and suggest a solution.
  • Describe the management training opportunity to address any possible future problems and how that might affect the guests’ experience.

Access the Unit 2 Assignment rubric.

Respond in a minimum 1–2-page APA formatted paper with an additional title page


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