Unit 3 Assignment 2

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Internal and External Influences on Higher Education Leadership

Write a 2-page reflective paper on the impact of internal or external influences on leadership in higher education. You will identify the principles of leadership or management you will apply to encourage team members to support and understand each of these influences.

Follow the guidelines provided below when preparing your paper. Format your paper using APA style guidelines.

  • Cover page — Follow APA style, which includes a short title and page numbers in the header.
  • Introduction — This is a heading stated in your own words; do not use the word “Introduction.” This section provides a general background to establish the context of the report and includes a concise purpose statement. It is one paragraph in length.
  • Internal and External Influences — This is a heading. In this section you should identify your top five external and five internal influences on higher education and justify your position for selecting your top five choices in each category. This section should be one to two paragraphs of text, with a chart of your influences displayed.
  • Leadership Considerations — This is a heading. For this section of the paper, consider the ways that principles of leadership or management would be applied to each of the influences. What outcome measures would you consider to evaluate the impact of your top influences. This section of the paper is approximately two paragraphs in length.
  • Conclusion — This is a heading. The conclusion must summarize the most salient points and reiterate the purpose of the paper.
  • References — Follow APA style for all entries.

The table below helps with structuring the report:

Cover Page

Follow APA style


1 paragraph

Internal and External Influences

Approximately 2 paragraphs

Leadership Considerations

Approximately 2 paragraphs


1 paragraph


Follow APA standards


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