Unit 6 The Role Of Leadership In Managing Emergencies And Disasters


After reading the article titled “The role of leadership in managing emergencies and disasters” found in your reading assignment for this unit, you will write an article critique.

In your article critique, you will answer the following questions related to the article:

  • What is the authors’ main point?
  • Who is the authors’ intended audience?
  • According to the authors, what leadership characteristics or competencies should a successful emergency manager possess in order to successfully manage risk during an emergency or disaster?
  • Do you agree with the article’s findings? Why, or why not?
  • Do you believe that the evidence presented in the article supports the article’s main point? Why, or why not?
  • Describe what could happen during an emergency or disaster if an emergency manager does not possess strong leadership characteristics or competencies.

Your article critique should consist of at least two pages, not counting the title page and reference page. You should utilize at least two references, one of which can be the article you are critiquing. You may also use your textbook as a reference. All citations and references should utilize proper APA formatting.

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