Unit VI Essay

Unit VI Essay

You are a healthcare administrator at a large metropolitan teaching hospital. Your hospital is in the middle of a crisis

involving surgical residents. In recent years, the level of operating room deaths involving surgeries that your residents have

been involved in has increased. As a result, the number of malpractice suits that have been leveled against your hospital

has also increased. This is not only reducing the hospital’s revenue, but it is also damaging the reputation of the hospital. An

internal investigation has shown that many of the surgical residents have been performing two to three surgeries back to

back after working a 24-hour shift. Your human resources department had indicated that this could be a contributing factor

in the number of operating room deaths.

Compose an essay in which you detail the following points regarding this crisis:

Identify and define the crisis type that the hospital is experiencing.

Describe the crisis management triad and how it could be utilized in this situation.

Describe how you plan to improve the performance of the surgical residents and how your plan could improve patient

care by reducing the number of operating room deaths.

Your essay should consist of at least three pages, not including your title page or reference page. Please be sure that all

sources, including your textbook, are cited and referenced properly using APA formatting. You must utilize at least two

sources for your response.

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