Universityof Phoenix MaterialGroupInfluenceThisrequired Port

Universityof Phoenix MaterialGroupInfluenceThisrequired Portfolio assignment due in Week Four will give youexperience observing and interacting with people outsideof the classroom. Ithas been designed to provide you with the opportunity to developskills, synthesize knowledge, and integrate learning in a real worldsetting.  This assignment accomplishes that goal bychallenging you to:Observea group discussing a topic of interest such as a focus group, acommunity public assembly, a department meeting at your workplace,or local support groupStudyhow the group members interact and impact one anotherAnalyzehow the group behaviors and communication patterns influence socialfacilitationIntegrateyour findings with evidence-based literature from journal articles,textbook, and additional scholarly sourcesPurpose:To provide you with an opportunity to experience a group setting andanalyze how the presence of others substantially influences thebehaviors of its members through social facilitation.Process:You will participate as a guest at an interest group meeting in yourcommunity to gather data for a qualitative research paper. Once youhave located an interest group, contact stakeholders and explain thepurpose of your inquiry. After you receive permission to participate,you will schedule a date to attend the meeting; at which time youwill observe the members and document the following for youranalysis:PartI: Completean oral presentation in which you answer the following questions. Youcan use any presentation tools you desire such as a powerpoint,prezi, animoto, or others. Howwere the people arranged in the physical environment (layout of roomand seating arrangement)?Whatis the composition of the group, in terms of number of people, ages,sex, ethnicity, etc.?Whatare the group purpose, mission, and goals?Whatis the duration of the group (short, long-term)? Explain.Didthe group structure its discussion around an agenda, program, rulesof order, etc.?Describethe structure of the group. How is the group organized?Whoare the primary facilitators of the group?Whatsubject or issues did the group members examine during the meeting?Whattypes of information did members exchange in their group?Whatwere the group’s norms, roles, status hierarchy, or communicationpatterns?Whatcommunication patterns illustrated if the group was unified orfragmented? Explain.Didthe members share a sense of identity with one another(characteristics of the group-similarities, interests, philosophy,etc.)?Wasthere any indication that members might be vulnerable to Groupthink?Why or why not?Inyour opinion, how did the collective group behaviors influenceindividual attitudes and the group’s effectiveness? Provide youroverall analysis.PartIIWritea 1,200- to 1,500-word paper incorporating your analysis withevidence to substantiate your conclusion. Explain how yourobservations relate to research studies on norm formation, groupnorms, conformity, and/or social influence. Integrate your findingswith literature from the textbook, peer-reviewed journal articles,and additional scholarly sources. Format your paper consistent withAPA guidelines.

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