Use the excel file and answer the questions

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Evaluation Criteria:

Your submission will be graded based on whether the answers provided for each question are correct with supporting excel file. Create one sheet per question and name each sheet as Q1, Q2 etc. for Question 1, Question 2 etc.

Questions [Maximum possible points: 25]

1. What are the five best-selling products based on quantity sold? [2 pt.]

2. What are the five worst selling products based on quantity sold? [2 pt.]

3. What’s the average extended price by order? [2 pt.]

(HINT: Look at the extended price by order and then use “value field setting” to change to AVERAGE function)

4. What is the average quantity sold per order? [3 pt.]

(HINT: Look at the total quantity by order and then use “value field setting” to change to AVERAGE function)

5. Are our sales seasonal (look at total sales in dollars)? Explain. [3 pt.]

6. Based on the data we have, does our discount policy appear to help sales? HINT: You need to compare the average discount and average $ sales across product lines.[3 pt.]

7. What are the five most heavily discounted products? [2 pt.]

8. Who are our five best customers based on total sales (i.e., Extended Price)? [2 pt.]

9. What are the five most popular (quantity sold) products among our five best customers? (HINT: Apply a filter to include only the five best customers found in #8) [2 pt.]

10. Create a pi-chart to demonstrate the average discount enjoyed by each customer segment? [ 2 pt.]

11. Demonstrate (use a line graph) to show how total sales revenue (extended price) change for each State (customer State) [2 pt.]


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