Using the Internet, Go to the court system Websites of three

Using the Internet, Go to the court system Websites of three (3) differentstates and review the qualification and selection process for judges in eachstate.  Be prepared to discussFrom the e-Activity, compare and contrast the methods that states use withintheir selection process for judges, and specify the selection criteria that eachstate that you reviewed have in common. Provide specific examples to supportyour rationale.Identify at least two (2) risks associated with selecting judges via anon-partisan election process. Explain the key reasons why you believe each riskcould potentially inhibit the fairness of trials. Provide specific examples tosupport your rationale. Discuss the selection process for a federal judge nominee, including thebackground checks, senatorial courtesy, the confirmation process, and theassumption of office. Specify which influences you believe are the mostpersuasive in the final selection of a judge. Provide a rationale for yourresponse.Judge John Doe, a judge in your state, has recently had charges of ethicalmisconduct brought against him. From the e-Activity, analyze three (3) stepsthat a judicial review board in your state would likely take, based on thecurrent judge removal process for your state. Provide a rationale for yourresponse.

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