Usingthe attached Case Analysis format AND guidance, Thi

Usingthe attached Case Analysis format AND guidance,·  This is a team assignment, but I amonly responsible for doing the Thesis Statement, Synopsis of theCase ONLY·  You should apply the concepts,theories, and applications (beyond mere definitions).·  Try using the necessary vocabulary asyou read the chapters, but do not feel the need to use ‘biz-speak.’ Instead, focus on a direct, professional, analytical approach usingthe fewest possible words.***Please stick toyour chosen section (Thesis Statement, Synopsis of the Case) byreading over the analysis guidelines attached. -Cite references Case 5: Ford and the World Automobile Industryin 2012 (PAGE 441)- Please note that case analysis does not mean you have to summarizethe case, rather you are responsible to provide consultative recommendation /suggestions / improvements, supported with scholarly / peer reviewed journalsand some business articles.

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