watch the website and book, answer the question—APA citation— 1.5 page

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Question:———-Only use the source from the website and book I provide

Experts maintain that high-quality prenatal care is essential and that the earlier in the pregnancy it is obtained the better. Based on the information from your textbook and other videos/resources in this module, provide some information that supports this statement.

  • How does prenatal care benefit:
    • women/mothers? [5pts]
      • Your reason should be specific to women/mothers. Benefits to children will be addressed in the next part.
    • children? [5pts]
      • Be specific and reference information and key terms from this module.
    • society as a whole? [5pts]
      • With good prenatal care, society benefits because…
  • What are some of the disparities in prenatal care? [5pts]
    • Why do some women and babies get better/different care than others?
    • How can we explain differences in health outcomes by demographic groups? (e.g. why is maternal mortality higher for some groups?)
    • How might these be addressed by public health workers and the medical profession?




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